Freebie Friday #9

This week’s Freebie Friday comes from popular collection that was presented here.

It includes 9 designs for 4×4 hoops. 

 I use these designs for christening gowns that I embroider for my Czech customers.

Although I buy a lot of designs from my fellow digitizers, partly to support them, partly to have designs in style that is different from mine, I still prefer to use my own designs because I simply design them according to my preferences. I like when the embroidery goes smoothly, with as few jumps as possible (they always mean slowing down), and also with the right density setting so that the design is not too dense, doesn’t pucker the fabric and the threads don’t break.

So, if you want to try one of my designs or you need a motif of a cross for your project, you can download the design by clicking HERE.

Some of my customers use my cross designs for bible covers.

If you use my freebie for your project, I would be very pleased if you share the result and send me the photo.

Enjoy the design and until next time Happy Embroidering!

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