New Easter Laces

I have not added any new designs for quite a long time. Not that I haven’t been digitizing, just the final steps of putting designs together, making good photos, writing instructions, uploading to websites, simply the admin work are not my favourite activities. Not even mentioning promoting the designs on socials.

I’m quite well known for doing things in last minute which is not a positive attribute neither in life nor at work. It’s hard for me to work on holiday collection ahead of time and release it when the sales might be the highest. I try to do my best but still I’m too late quite often.

Just like right now, when many of you have your houses decorated for Easter alredy and I’m only now coming up with new sets. That have btw been digitized months ago…

Anyway, rather than postponing them for next year I did the final touches and here’s the first one of my three new holiday sets.

If you have been with me for many years already, you might remember my previous Easter Lace sets. They have been extremely popular. After five sets (last of them was released in 2010!)I thought it’s enough and digitized other types of laces. But I’m still getting requests for the new ones as people want to add new eggs to their collections.

So here they are.

Hope they will be at least as popular as their forerunners. I’ve improved the color charts that are included with the designs and added also photo instructions for embroidering these free-standing laces so that even the newbies get the best results and avoid begginers’ mistakes.

Stay tuned for more Easter designs coming.

Until next time Happy Embroidering!

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