About me

My name is Jana aka Patti and I’m from the Czech Republic. You may know me and my work since April 2001 when I first launched my website with embroidery designs.

Till then, I embroidered and sewed as hobby. I started when I was about 7-8 years old, sewing clothes for my Barbie and embroidering handkerchiefs by hand. At the age of 10 I started to sew my own clothes and I got totally hooked.

When I bought my first embroidery machine in 1995 (my beloved Pfaff Creative 7570 that I still use), a whole new world opened for me. After couple of years when I embroidered on everything that was “hoopable” I thought I should try to digitize my own designs. First I shared my creations on the internet as freebies only. After being encouraged by some lovely people from embroidery business I set up my website and launched first sets of designs. In 2003 I started to sell my embroidery designs at OregonPatchworkMall Inc. Six years later I’ve opened my Czech website at PattiStudio.cz selling not only embroidery designs but also fabrics and sewing magazine Ottobre Design as I became a sales representative for my country.

Today I focus on embroidery designs and sewing with Ottobre magazine and I will share my creations, ideas, thoughts, pictures etc. on this blog. I’d like to invite you to join my little sewing and embroidery world.

You can also find me on Instagram or Facebook or you can drop me an e-mail.

Jana (aka Patti)