Freebie Friday #12

I had some technical issues with this website so my FF#12 didn’t make it to the site on the same time as it’s Czech version but I hope everything is OK now. So here’s your delayed Freebie Friday/Wednesday design.

The free pattern for today is a bit of a forgotten one.

It actually comes from one of my old collections, which never made it to the Czech e-shop, and I only add it there just now. Actually, I can’t even say why; among my international customers this is still one of the most successful sets, but I just never had time to translate the instructions into Czech. I kept postponing it, there was always something else to do. Sometimes it’s quite hard to run bilingual business.

Back to the designs: 5×7 Florals is a set of 11 floral designs for large frames.

You can view it also on my OPW Mall page where the set is currently on April special – 35% off.

One of the designs is available as freebie so that you can test the quality of my embroideries.

You can download it by clicking HERE and if you use it for any of your projects, I would be very pleased if you share the result and send me the photo.

I have recently used the design as a basis for embroidery intended for a wedding ring pillow. Lettering has been created in Embird.

I have also used Embird to edit the design a little bit and used it for a pillow.

And let me also share an ancient photo that is about 18 years old, when I used the design on a table runner for a dining room decorated in a rustic style. The quality of the photo corresponds to its age

Enjoy the design and until next time Happy Embroidering!

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