Blue Folk Eggs

Today just a quick presentation of my new set.

Which is veeery delayed but somehow life got into way….

After last year’s success of my Gingerbread Eggs I meant to create a brand new set of gingerbreads for 2024. But funny thing happened – this style of designs became very popular on Czech embroidery market and embroidery felt in brown color was completely sold out without any chance to be restocked before Easter. So I sadly gave up on my idea.

Then I found an old inherited cloth with white print on blue cotton fabric, typical for local area called Wallachia (geographical and cultural part of Czechia with its own folklore traditions) and I let myself inspire with this style.

Thus my Blue Folk Eggs came into life.

You don’t have to be limited by white on blue embroidery only. If you try reverse version, you get eggs with design rather similar to popular “blue onion” china.

When I embroidered samples, I eventually picked small leftovers of brown felt and voilà, the originally desired gingerbreads were there.

You are not limited to use felt only but make sure to stabilize the material first with some heavier sewing iron-on stabilizer otherwise the egg would not hold its shape correctly.

The design set includes very comprehensive .pdf e-book with both photo and text instructions so that you will be able to embroider perfect Easter egg to decorate your home.

One more Easter set will be presented later today so stay tuned.

Until next time Happy Embroidering!

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