Andre alphabet – letters L-P

Today’s batch of letters includes both capital and small letters L, M, N, O and P. Now there’s plenty of names you can compose already!

TIps for some international names:

Usually I encourage my embroidery customers to play with colours and use fantasy for new combinations. But this time I recommend trying to play with monochromatic look. Results might suprise you.

For the following sewout I’ve used viscose embroidery threads with typical shine but if you use cotton thread, you might achieve even more vintage look. You can see that the details of the design are still noticeable when the colour is only one for all the elements.

If your machine has the function for one color embroidering, I recommend you to use it as it saves plenty of time. Machine does not stop after each color and embroiders the whole design in one go.

You can also do so in your embroidery software prior to sending the design to your machine. But do not forget to save the adjusted design with different file name not to destroy the original multicolor letter.

Here’s the .zip file with all today’s letters.

Enjoy and see you soon. Until then: Happy Embroidering!

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