Andre alphabet – letters G-K

Let’s move on with the Andre alphabet. Today I’m bringing capitals G, H, I, J, K plus six small letters. Now you can start to combine some names already!

For example Alice:

or Ella (Ela in some languages):

Some other name suggestions:

Small letters: 

Today I have a tip for (mainly) beginers:

Make sure to carefully choose the backing material for your embroidery. The choice depends on the material and the purpose of your project. That’s why there are so many different backing materials available—there simply isn’t one and only universal option. For example, cut away stabilizer provides excellent support, and when properly hooped, there’s no need to worry about fabric distortion even with rather dense designs. However, if you’re embroidering something where the reverse side will be visible or on delicate or sheer fabric, tearaway stabilizer is much more suitable. Because you don’t want the trimmed remnants of the backing around the embroidery remain visible.

Conversely, water soluble stabilizer may leave no traces upon removal, but it also doesn’t leave any support. Therefore, a very dense design with many stitches or designs with long satin stitches (such as letters like Andre) embroidered on delicate fabrics may loose their original quality without proper stabilizer. It’s always necessary to consider the use of the appropriate material, and if you lack experience, it’s worth embroidering a test sample to see how the embroidery behaves. It may require extra work (and material), but in the end, it’s more useful than ruining the final product.

To download today’s letters click HERE.

Happy Embroidering!

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