5×7 Crosses 3

After succesful release of Crosses 3 it was quickly obvious that set for large hoops will be needed again.

I’m not going to repeat myself as I wrote about the use of this type of designs in my posts here and here.

So let me just welcome my new set 5×7 Crosses 3 to the shop and show you some pictures.

Designs were again used for christening gowns that I embroider for my Czech customers.

Just like the previous large set of decorated crosses, these are also intended to be used for various projects with religious theme, like tableclothes and napkins for church, bible covers etc.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, all my designs are manually punched, I do not simply resize the smaller variants. Here you can see the proof on 5×7 and 4×4 version of the beautiful floral cross:

I do hope you like my new set. Not only I had fun creating it but I also had tons of uses of these designs already in my embroidery business so I’m sure they bring a great value for you too.

Designs are available here. If you wish to see this set for 4×4 hoop you can find it here.

Happy Embroidering, folks!

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