5×7 Crosses 2

First set of 2021 is another revival of successful collection from the past. Crosses 2 for 4×4 hoop were favourited both on my international page and Czech e-shop. Very often the taste of the customers differs but this is not the case.

Please welcome to the shop: my new set 5×7 Crosses 2.

Just like the previous large set of decorated crosses, these are also intended to be used for various projects with religious theme, like tableclothes and napkins for church, bible covers etc.

In my country, christening gowns are used for baptism ceremonies. These gowns have some Christian symbols embroidered together with the name of the baby and date of baptism.

And sometime I happen to embroider for people living in other countries too.

As you can see, designs are very carefully digitized (I use manual digitizing) so that they work also with metallic needles without any problem. My go to brand are Marathon and Sulky Gunold. No breaking even at highest speed of 1000 stitched per minute on my Brother 10 needle machine.

As mentioned before, this set is an adaption of previously successful collection Crosses 2. When releasing larger designs I never just simple resize them but partially re-digitize them. Only segments with running stitches can be used without editing but parts with satin stitches could cause the problem for the machines if the stitches are too long so they need to be changed.

Violet cross from Crosses 2 has already been used in larger size in my set 5×7 Violets 3. I did not want to use the same design again in another set, that would not be fair.

But as this design is extremely nice and successful (both in small and large size) I didn’t want some customers to miss it therefore I have included it in this new set but added one new violet cross as a bonus.

This collection includes not only crosses with rich floral arrangements but also more simple, sophisticated and elegant designs.

I do hope you like my new set. Not only I had fun creating it but I also had tons of uses of these designs already in my embroidery business so I’m sure they bring a great value for you too.

Designs are available for purchase here.

Happy Embroidering, folks!


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