After a short refreshing stay in the mountains (yep, I even did some skiing after 30 years:-) I’m back at work.

Besides embroidering all the orders for my Czech customers I also did a lot of screwing and hammering. IKEA sent the ordered furniture and I’m finally trying to do some re-organization in my sewing room aka Studio.

Yay, it’s getting into some shape! But please – never ask me for the “before” pictures…

Of course, in the meantime some digitizing was also happening.

Thus I am able to introduce my first set of Pansies.

This set has been in the making for a long time. I tried to make it versatile as much as possible and kept coming with new ideas so at the time being I have almost enough designs for Pansies 2 set;-)

No kidding! Here’s a computer preview of initial versions.

But it will take time until I finish it.

So for now, as always, there is a freebie for you to download.

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