Pansies 2

New set Pansies 2 has just been added to my salespage.

Apparently this set connects to previously successful Pansies 1. Designs are designed in the same style so both sets can be combined to create large floral compositions.

Set includes 10 designs plus three bonus applique versions. Appliques are still very popular and can be used as embellishment but also to cover small damages on the clothes like stains or little holes. They look especially cool on denim apparel.

Designs are very detailed so they contain sometimes up to 8-10 colors but they are also precisely digitized and I have devoted a lot of time and thinking to reduce thread jumps to an absolute minimum so that embroidering is as fluent as possible.

And in spite of tiny details and higher count of stitches these designs still embroider without trouble and thread nests even on very delicate batiste as you can see on the photo below. But of course, right stabilizer is a key. I use iron-on tear-away by Gunold with great results.

As usually, with embroidery designs you get also my suggested thread chart as some machines or embroidery softwares may not show the proper color tones and it would be a pity to spoil the embroidery with wrong color choice.

However, just as Mother Nature offers many color varieties of pansies, you also might not be bound to strictly given color schedule. Just let me recommend to get your chosen threads together on the table before you start to embroider to see if they harmonize. This is extremely important where shading is included in the design. There might be huge difference between “purple” and “purple”;-) It’s better to harmonize colors of the same color temperature. Cold shades of violet with a subtle blue tone don’t look natural being blended with warmer purple shades tending towards to red tone.

See the below photos and decide yourself which combination pleases the eye better:

And here’s the sample of cold tones of violet and lavender versus warmer tones:

And as usually, there is a freebie for you to try (click on the picture to download). Enjoy!

Happy Embroidering!

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