October makes

Let me share with you what I was working on recently.

I remember writing a blog post in spring about how difficult it can be to divide my time between gardening and sewing. Well, the fall isn’t any better. There is so much that needs to be done outside at this time of year! But at least the weather is nice and the shining sun takes a little bit of the body soreness away. Not only the garden needs to be prepared for winter but also the warmth for next seasons has to be secured. Fortunately we have this efficient helper:-)

I try to do as much work as possible in my atelier in the mornings when there is still cold outside and before sun draws me out in the forenoon. The rest I do on evenings, usually a computer work that can be managed even when the body is sore.

So, what did I do in October?

I prepared two new designs for November’s STGN collection.

I tried to compose the daffodils into large corner design (Embird has a great function for this purpose) and will make a pillow with this sewout later in the winter.

Then I’ve separated the pink blossom from the second design and used it as single flower for embellishment of my new cardigan but then I changed my mind and used some completely different design that I will write about in some of my future posts.

For my Czech e-shop I created couple of new color variations of previously successful designs.


I also created completely new mandala applique and tested it in several colors. Unfortunately the nicest green version is absolutely un-photogenic. It was impossible to capture this fresh, vivid color no matter what equipment or setting I’ve used.

I also played with these mushrooms in fancy colors

but also in realistic tones. Did you know that picking mushrooms is very favourite relaxing activity in my country?

Then it was time to work on December designs for STGN club. Time really flies by so quickly! I’m still almost in summer mood and it’s time to think about Christmas already.

I was also working on on my new collection of Christmas laces. It will be fabulous, what do you think?

And what are you up to in this time of the year? Let me know in the comments.

Until then, happy embroidering!

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