My Sewing

I need to say my love for embroidery came from my love for sewing. Actually, I’ve been doing hand embroidery since being a very little girl but after I started to sew for my dolls and then for myself, hand embroidery seemed to be too time consumpting.

BUT! Then sometimes in the 90’s I saw in Burda magazine the first computerized home sewing & embroidery machines.  I was lucky enough to get one in 1995, my first beloved Pfaff Creative 7570. Now my world was complete. I sewed dozens, or actually over hundred clothes for myself, friend or family members, most of them were embellished with embroidery.

When I set up this new page I thought I’d concentrate on my embroidery designs only but I’ve realized I can’t part these two loves of my life so I’ll be sharing my sewing projects too (as time allows;-).

Hope my creations will be insteresting and ispiring for you.

Until the next time, happy embroidering.


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