Lace Tags 9

Reviving my old Christmas Tags designs brought me a lot of joy so I wanted to experience it again. Also, I had big fun photoshooting the embroidered laces. I was able to give the old style designs a brand new modern vibe which was cool.
Those of you following me for longer time might remember my series of miniature lace tags. There are four sets of floral tags and three Christmas themed collections.
These designs were extremely successful over the years mainly for their versatility and friendly prices. I did not feel serious temptation to create new Christmas designs this year. It was not a normal year so not my plans and habits are normal but then I though that creating something quick might bring me some pleasure and satisfaction.
I’m aware it might be too late for my American customers to embroider Christmas designs. Sorry guys, hope you get back to my designs next year. In my country we put up a tree on December 24th only so for me it’s quite difficult to think about holiday designs in November as the other digitizers do. Just FYI, we have our trees up until January 6th at least, usually even longer. This day is the holiday of the Three Wise Men.

So here are my new Lace Tags 9.

Maximum thread count is 8,700 stitches.

And it doesn’t take dozens of minutes to embroider one design. So perhaps you still might manage to use them this year…

Designs are available at my OPW site.

Everybody have a nice Christmas holiday and see you in 2021!

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