Lace Medallions

Let me introduce you my very new set – Lace Medallions.

These are free-standing designs so you will need to use some water soluble stabilizer to embroider them. I have previously tested to use free-standing lace with some kind of thermo soluble stabilizer and while it worked, I’ve also found it quite risky because if you use polyester embroidery top thread or bobbin, you might not be able to keep an eye on the right temperature of your iron and you might easily destroy the design (ask me how I know!). Water-soluble stabilizer is much safer in my opinion.

As usually, it took longer time to release these designs than I anticipated. Because as usually, I started to play with colors. There are so many possibilities! You can use simple white or ivory base for all the designs or pick up some light shades of colors used for floral arrangements.

These designs can be used as ornaments for decorating rooms, windows, door wreaths. You can also frame them or make original embellishments on your gift boxes, bags, candles and many more. Each motif fits 4×4 hoop.

And there is also a freebie for you to download, just click on the picture:

And if you are an experienced embroiderer, it won’t be hard for you to use the motives as lace inserts. If you would like to know how to do that, write me an e-mail and I’d be happy to send you the instructions.

I hope you like this new addition to my embroidery portfolio. A there are many more new designs coming your way so stay tuned! Until then, happy embroidering.

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