Gingerbread Eggs

Wanna bake some gingerbread cookies for Easter? Yes, you can and you don’t even have to enter your kitchen!

Here are my Gingebread Easter Eggs:

You can embroider them all in white to imitate real traditional cookies that our moms and grannies used to make or you can make them more colorful. For old fashioned gingerbread version use brown felt. 

But you can also match up the designs with famous “Blue Onion” china with blue felt.

Or create eggs that remind traditional folkloric motives.

In my country typical red/white gingham cottage style decorations are still popular in cabins and  chalets so these red beauties would perfectly fit in.

But I personally like the all-white version the most!

Design set includes complete instructions (text and photos) on how to create the designs.

Since the designs are partially free standing, be always sure to set your thread tension right otherwise the thread might not bind correctly and lace edges could be destroyed (or not looking nice).

This new set is available HERE at my OregonPatchworks site.

And those of you who want to embroider just one egg (in a little bit different style) you can download this cute little freebie by clicking HERE.

Hope you like my new set and enjoy the freebie. Happy Easter to everyone!

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