Freebie Friday #4

If you have been following me for about twenty years already, you might be familiar with this design. But let me refresh it for the newbies. If you like it, make sure to download it quickly, it will be available for limited time only.

This week’s freebie comes from collection named Forget-me-not published in 2004! And I still love and use the designs from this set.

Design set contains 20 beautiful floral motives that can be used for various projects.

I personally very often use the cross design for christening gowns that I sew and embroider for my Czech e-shop.

On special request this little linen napkin has been made in the past.

And honorable mention deserves this special project – cute little hat for my daughter (4 yo at that time, 18 yo today). It has been embroidered on my then newly purchased 6 needle machine Brother PR-620, that I brought from the USA. And I still happily use it! I cannot forget how happy I was not having to change the threads when embroidering four identical panels for the hat. I was happy as a bee after 15 years of using single needle home embroidery machine, this was a brand new level of work.

As you can see, the designs are versatile, you are certainly not obliged to stick to typical blue colour.

Recently I used one of the designs from the set for knickers I sew with some jersey remnants. I use pattern named Acacia by Megan Nielsen. You can get this pattern for free and if you are a sewer, I highly recommend it. I practically stopped buying underwear and only sew my own ones. Perfect fit, little costs and perfect use of remnants.

For this week’s freebie I picked this design from the set. You can download it by clicking HERE.

But as I mentioned above, it will be available for limited time only so if the link is not clickable, it has already expired.

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Enjoy the design and until next time Happy Embroidering!

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