Facelift of older sets

What can you do on long winter evenings? Normal people chill out, pour a glass of wine, read a book, watch some movie. Embroidery digitizers digitize some new designs but if their inspiration is at zero point they polish the old ones…

I started to digitize twenty years ago and I always feel sorry for all those old designs that have good quality but their presentation corresponds to the times when they were created. Digital photography only started then and the quality of .jpgs was low so the pictures look really funny now. We digitizers were happy for the print screens we were able to do in Embird at least.

And while this image shows quite well how the designs are made, nothing beats real pictures.

Therefore I embroidered all of the designs from the Christmas Tags 2 collection. Firstly to make sure their quality meets my 20 years older needs and also to photograph and showcase them.

It takes quite a lot of time but I plan to do it with more of the older sets. They deserve it.

Enjoy the upcoming holiday season and Happy Embroidering!

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