Christmas Tags 3

This year was just mad for all of us. With it coming to its finale I got a little bit nostalgic and also grumpy.

While being rather busy all year round I found no time for digitizing new designs. Actually, I did a few for STGN club before it was cancelled. But no new set and I was used to produce 5-7 even in my low productivity years of past decade.

I fell into nostalgic thoughts about the past, about my life, my work. Then my good old designs came to my mind. And I thought: I can’t turn back time but I can remind the old times at least. And my creative juices started to flow.

Since there isn’t much time left till Christmas I thought I need to release just something easy, quick to be embroidered. And what is quicker than designs using just 2-3 colours, right?

So tadaaa – please welcome the brand new Christmas Tags 3!

You might remember my older sets (clicking on the picture brings you to the website to see the whole set):


So this new set is apparently a follow-up. Same base, new elements.

I used these designs with a huge success in the past for embellishing the Christmas tree, greeting cards, gift tags, home decorations and many more.

They are quick and easy, with just one or two thread changes and very little thread cutting, if any!

Apparently, this is a free-standing lace so use your favourite water soluable stabilizer. I get best results with Vilene, one layer will do. Or two layears of Solvy. Make sure to use sharp needle. If you experience frequent thread breakage during embroidery and you know you are using quality thread, the reason might (surprisingly) be a dull needle.

Hope you enjoy my new designs as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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