Busy April

In April, I have revamped my Czech e-shop and while working on some technical and visual improvements, I  also added a lot of new stuff for sale.

But honestly, it was pretty tough to sit at the computer while spring has just sprung! One can almost smell these violets through the computer.

It didn’t take long and everything was in full bloom in my garden.

So I spent a lot of time gardening. Fortunately, I have machines that can work a couple of minutes without my attendance which was really needed as some of the orders were quite demanding, so everything that had a needle was busy full time.

There was no time for digitizing but my Czech e-shop got a lot of new stand alone appliques and also this cool embroidered flower with leaves in several color ways.

In my country, there aren’t as many people owning the embroidery machine so I have quite a success with these products as customers can apply them on their garment by themselves with a textile glue or sew them by hand or on basic sewing machine.

Like this lady who sent me her picture showcasing my flower sewed on her new handmade bag. I love the color combination!

This Fantasy bird is another example of successful design. I sell it as a stand alone applique in various color and fabric combinations and it is very popular so I’ve added a new one is mustard color.

I even supply this patch to a small business named GADEO producing stuff for babies. They apply them to various product they make.  

Source: gadeo.cz

In April I also tested more of the designs for my upcoming collection:

Now it’s time to finalize the new set a release it for sale.

See you soon. Until then, happy embroidering!

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