Applique Flowers 1

Right before the Christmas, in season totally inappropriate for floral designs, I have finally finished new set I’ve been working on for a long time.

Actually I haven’t really been working that long on the designs, they were ready for couple months already. What was still missing were the .pdf instructions and final photos. Also I wanted to create more projects with those designs to show off the versatility of them but I had so many ideas and more kept coming so I just had to stop myself at certain point otherwise I’d completely sink in it and never ever release the set.

What actually led me to creating these little appliques was my habit to use embroidery designs as patches whenever need. How many times do you find little hole on your favourite garment or you spill something that can never be washed out? And you don’t even have to be a kid to do so…

Since majority of my clothes are me-made, it is heartbreaking for me if I discover some damage on them. I do have strong bonds and deep relations to every piece of fabric that passed through my hands. Therefore I try to save the garment whenever I can.

Embroideries are a good way of such rescue. You cover the spot with a propriate design and it usually looks like it was put there on purpose;-) Having an embroidery machine I can make wonders but I often thought of those who aren’t that lucky. Of course there are patches you can buy at haberdashery stores but honestly – their quality is really poor and usually they are being made in Asian countries and we all know the ethical and ecological aspects of such production.

So I started to produce my own patches and sell them on my Czech e-shop. They’ve become really popular and I digitized more and more applique designs for the shop.

At one point I realized I have enough flower designs to compose the whole set out of them. So here it is for all the embroidery machines owners!

The set includes eight flowers and two various types of leaves, each in two sizes so you can make various combinations.

You can combine motives into really big arrangements:

I said I love to use designs to salvage damaged clothes. This is the example:

And here are more project pictures:


When I was working on the designs somehow more ideas for flowers started to come. Seems like set #2 is in the pipeline…

I really hope you like these new designs. You can certainly have a lot of fun with them. Just as I had digitizing them.

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