5×7 Floral Hearts

I continue with creating more designs for larger hoops. If you are at least as old as me, you might remember those times when we had our small 4×4 hoops only and dreamt of bigger ones!

Well now we have MUCH bigger hoops and while I love embroidering really large designs and am happy I can digitize or buy gigantic designs, they are not suitable for every situation and also I am not always in a mood to embroider one design for 85 minutes and make 30 thread changes. Especially when I got spoilt with my multi-needle Brother machines and don’t want to change the threads at all. Being able to thread the machine with couple of threads only, insert the hoop, push START button and leave the room to come 20 minutes later and pick ready embroidery has the charm similar to the situation when you fill up your slow cooker, close the kitchen door and return to the finished lunch.

So if you need some original blossoming hearts for your Valentine or Mother’s Day projects that do not embroider for ages, you can pick some of these.

Here’s are all of the hearts included in this set, you can see full sized pictures here.

And as usually, do not forget to download this cute little freebie.

Until next time Happy Embroidering!

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