Floral Mandalas

New mandala designs just landed!

They combine my love for flowers and also some geometric evenness which is what makes them so interesting and attractive.

Those of you who are members of STGN club might already know these designs as they were included in some of the monthly archives. Now they are available in one compilation.

Testing on sew-on patches:

These designs look rather rich and dense which usually means higher stitch count and longer sewing time. But they are still very easy to be embroidered as they mostly have just a few color changes so you can leave your machine alone for a good period of time and let it work, provided your machine is properly served, oiled and behaves;-)

I have previously mentioned that I like to use my testing samples for creating small projects, like pillows. If you missed my photo tutorial for easy inserting zippers in pillow, click here.

As usually, there is a freebie for you to download. Happy Embroidering!

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