5×7 Crosses 4

A new set of 5×7 designs has just been added to my site at OregonPatchworks.

You can read more about the use of this type of designs in my previous posts here and here.

Designs were again used for christening gowns that I embroider for my Czech customers.

Just like the previous large set of decorated crosses, these are also intended to be used for various projects with religious theme, like tableclothes and napkins for church, bible covers etc.

All designs are manually punched and each of them is repeatedly tested on both home and professional embroidery machines to make sure the quality is perfect.

If you wish to test the quality of the designs you may download this design (click on the picture).

Designs are available here. If you wish to see this set for 4×4 hoop you can find it here.

Happy Embroidering, folks!

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