UFO – Delft tee and Pearl cardigan

I bet you all know what UFO means. And you also probably know what it means in the sewing world. We use this term for our un-finished objects.

If you are like me, you have several of such UFOs on your sewing table. I’ve had so many that I bought a rack for them not to occupy my table. My idea was that if they won’t be hidden in one pile but I see them daily I’d be more motivated to get rid of them.
Well, don’t ask me what the result was…
But I managed to get rid of one for now at least. It was an easy make – simple white tee of rayon jersey that I bought at my friend’s fabric e-shop BATANI. I used popular pattern from Ottobre 2/2013 but I adjusted the side seams not to be so bulky.
The tee has then been embellished with impressive Delft embroidery from Emblibrary.

Honestly, the main impuls to finish this white tee was to have something to wear with my cardigan from Ottobre 2/2012. I made it more than one year ago in my most favourite navy color. But! Right after finishing it turned out I have nothing to wear with it besides one printed tee. What was I thinking when I was choosing the color?
Speaking of this cardi – just like both the tees it is also made of viscose jersey with elastane bought at Batani and it is absolutely gorgeous. This waterfall type of pattern just calls for lightweighted, hanging material that is swinging around the body (and thus camouflages larger hips;-)

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  1. Tedy UFO mne moc pobavilo, taky jich doma pár mám :-) Momentálně nejvíc přehazuji jedny tříčtvrteční legíny, které bych potřebovala přešít… :-) :-D

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