Fall embroidery

This year the fall is really amazing! At least in my corner of the world. I can hardly remember so many sunny and warm days at this time of the year. It is so much enjoyable to watch all those coloured leaves on bright sun rather than when the rain is pouring and we tend to hurry up to our warm and cosy houses.

If you’d like to bring some of those charming fall colours into your interior you can embroider this autumnal design from my collection. You can use it as solitaire in the frame on the wall but it would look even better in combination with some leafy fabric turned into patchwork napkin, pillow or just a small coaster or perhaps toilet bag. Or how about give some sparkle to your boring brown skirt that you rarely wear?

When embroidering this design I realized I have so many embroidery threads in various shades of brown, rusty, reddish, mustard, olive and other typical fall colours. I love these tones but use them very seldom. For some reason, I always tend to pick pink, violet and blue colours while these rich earthy colours always look vivid and can be mixed together very well. Time to think about some new collection in these tones!

Anyway, if you like this motif you can download it by clicking HERE. Hope you’ll like it. Perhaps you could send me picture of your project to inspire me?

Until the next time, happy embroidering.

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