New items in my CZ e-shop

After short break I’ve added couple of new items to my Czech e-shop and I thought you might like to see what I was doing as my activities on Czech market are a little bit different than the “worldwide” ones.

As you know, the Czech Republic is quite a small country. We have like 10 mio of inhabitants. Which naturally means that the market is small too. When I started with embroidery, the embroidery machines were not affordable at all so there were literaly only couple of machine owners in the whole country. Which was the reason why my sales were targeting to foreign market only. I did not even issued color charts for my designs in Czech language! Things are slowly changing and nowadays I do have some sales on local market but I mostly do physical embroidery. As I’m also a dealer for Ottobre magazines my timetible is quite tense so I do not take any orders but have focused on the production of christening gowns. It’s a teeny-weeny segment of the market and still gives me enough orders to keep my business runnig pretty well. I have never been good at bragging but I have so many returning customers who order a gown for their second or third child and for their nephews and nieces because there were satisfied with their first purchase  that I can proudly say I do a nice work;-)

In order to have huge variety of items I use also purchased designs from Emblibrary and Stitch Delight and others but the best order for me is when I am to use the design drafted and digitized by my own. I’m double proud then:-)

I embroider these gowns since 2008 so it is no wonder that during those years quite a lot of crosses for the gowns were created. Some were just my fantasies, some were designed upon customer’s request. Continuously I compile the new designs into sets so that also other people who need this type of designs could use them. In fact, this whole thing started in 2006 when I embroidered a gown for my own daughter’s christening day. That was the time when the first cross with florals was issued. As my friend then told me: this design is so you! Yes, flowers, candlewicking, subtle colors. It’s funny for me to see that I haven’t changed at all;-)

And these are the three collections of Crosses that have arisen till today:



As I’ve been recently working on some new STGN designs I was in a mood for creating some new crosses. So here they are:

If you like them, they can be found in August STGN archives. And sooner or later they become a part of Crosses 4 collection that is slowly compiling as new ideas keep coming in.

Here are the gowns embroidered with new designs in their full glory.


Usually I embroider gowns with names of the baby and dates of birth and christening but sometimes parents cannot plan that special day long time ahead to be able to supply gown on demand so they need some universal piece. The embroidered saying in English is “I’m God’s Child” and “The Holy Christening”.

BTW, those little elements between lettering are also being compiled into separate collection as I’ve found out everyone sometimes needs some tiny little “thing” either to embellish an outfit or maybe hide a little damage on fabric.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight to my daily work.

See you soon. Until then, happy embroidering!

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