Mother’s Day 3

This post will be rather brief as I’m busy with making orders for my Czech e-shop. All my machines are running like crazy and I’m skittering around them (like crazy too)

I just want to let you know about the new set for 4×4 hoops that I’ve just uploaded on my site at OregonPatchWorks.

I have named it “Mother’s Day 3” but little it has in common with my older Mother’s Day sets 1 and 2. Unlike them this set includes designs digitized with cliparts by Kika Esteves. If you are familiar with my designs you know that I barely use purchased artwork for my designs but I just liked the light and modern spirit of this graphic and wanted to transform it into embroidery.

This set of sayings and floral arrangements in contemporary style can be used to embellish gifts and projects for your beloved moms.

I have used original Kika’s color palette for the designs that I would normally not use but in the end I really liked the look.

And this is more “me” color palette. Which one do you like better?

Some designs are more complex, some are simple so you have a great choice to pick up perfect design for your project from.

You can check the whole set here.

And of course, there’s a freebie for you to try out. Click HERE to download it.

Hope you like my new designs and until next time Happy Embroidering!

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