Mandalas 2

Yet before my set Mandalas hit the market I knew I would be making set Nr. 2 soon. It took longer than anticipated but voilà – Mandalas 2 are here.

Those who know me for a long time must have noticed that I’m really keen on flowers. I have digitized many floral designs. Creating these designs and using some new techniques were pure fun for me so I’m sure there will yet be more.

As usually, I gave the samples practical use as sew-on patches. Playing with color varieties is my favourite part of testing process.

I was approached by my bestie if I could come up with some embellishment idea for her new bag she just sewed.  She came with a scrap of fabric that was immediately turned into an applique.

One of my testers couldn’t wait and used mandalas for various projects she’s selling in her e-shop.

Hope you like these new designs. If you wanna test the quality of embroidery, download the sample clicking HERE.

Happy Embroidering.

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