Happy Valentine

With Valentine’s Day being behind the corner I thought I’d remind some of my older designs suitable for this holiday. This year I haven’t been digitizing any new heart designs but rather decided to use some of my sewouts to create projects with them.

Hearts are very satisfying designs. Not only you can use them for Valentine’s Day but also for Mother’s Day and when I think about it right now – there is some opportunity to express your love for someone any time of the year.

So if you are looking for some heart designs you can find some in many of my older sets, like in Roses, Laces & Beads, Forget-me-not, Mother’s Day or in free-standing lace sets Lace Hearts 1-3.

I also made a special Valentine set back in 2011 that was not limited to hearts only:

Here’s how some of the designs were used:

In 2017, a set called simply Applique Hearts came to the world and I still regret I have not dedicated proper attention to this set as I’ve been rather busy with family issues at that time.

But may I say I really love these designs?

I’ve embroidered the heart above with just one applique fabric instead of two to showcase that you don’t have to limit yourself when buying designs, you can use them in your individual way.

My intention was to use this fabric block to create little pouch but shortly after posting this picture on Instagram, one of my followers immediately asked me to sell her this sewout for her own project.

So this little pouch was created instead. It was a gift for a friend of mine as we studied together at that time.

One year later I’ve digitized a set composed solely out of hearts with floral arrangements:

These designs are delicate, quite detailed but still airy.

I think these hearts certainly have many was to be used and won’t get old anytime soon.

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