Embroideries for everyone

In the past I’ve been often sorry for the ones who admire embroidery but cannot afford buying an embroidery machine. As I wrote in my previous post, these machines have always been too expensive on our Czech market. I mean, they are expensive everywhere, especially the TOL machines. You could buy a decent car for the price of the new TOL, can’t you?

I remember myself leafing through the fashion magazines in my twenties, admiring every piece of wardrobe that was embellished with some embroidery. You can imagine I went really wild with my clothes after I got my first embroidery machine;-)

And because I’ve been there, done that, I try to enable people without those magical (and expensive) embroidery machines to use the embroideries to embellish their clothes. There are some sew on patches in the local shops but they are quite uniform, boring and the quality is just dreadful. Therefore I’ve evolved my own way to create patches from my embroideries that everyone can buy and sew onto their clothes either by hand or basic sewing machine or perhaps use a textile glue.

Very quickly my patches and appliques became quite popular. Today I use not only my own designs but also purchased ones and my portfolio is quite huge:

I started with motives for kids but the most favourite ones today are mandalas and flowers:

I like sew-on appliques not just because they can be used for embellishing but you can also use them to save your favourite garment that has been damaged, torn or soiled.


Some of the above shown motives will be soon available also in sets for you, machine owners! So you will be able to create your own patches with fabrics of desired choice. Does it sound good?

I will talk to you soon and until then, happy embroidering!


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