A little bit of my sewing

I don’t know about you but my love for embroidery evolved from sewing. I’ve been sewing since I was about 7-8 years old, starting with clothes for my Barbie and at the age of 10 I began to sew my own clothes and I got totally hooked.

When I had a chance to buy my first computerized sewing and embroidery machine, it was a heaven for me. I got Pfaff Creative 7570 and it was and still is the best machine I’ve ever put my hands on. I bought it in 1995 and I still use it (although I have two newer Pfaff machines).

For me, embroidery was a way to enhance my sewing projects. At that time I had no idea I’d be ever able to ever create my own designs. I was happy with the ones on the embroidery cards (except for the fact that they were expensive as hell). Later I started to design my own embroidery designs and although I’m able to digitize about anything I fancy, I also buy designs from other fellow digitizers because I like to support them and appreciate their work. My money can help them to continue with their work. And when I find design that I really like and need for my project why would I try to digitize something similar and spend precious time trying to copy or imitate someone else’s work?

There are so many talented digitizers that I almost stopped browsing embroidery sites like I used to do before because I wanted all of those beautiful designs and my credit card was about to cry… But of course I still buy something now and then.

Like when I saw a design by Urban Threads and bought a new sweatshirting fabric at the same time to sew me a quick skirt. I thought they make a perfect combo!

From the same site came also this simple yet impressive typographical design that embellished basic top I sewed from viscose jersey.

Another typographical design came from famous and reliable Emblibrary. Top is again made of viscose jersey. Great material for summer! I also made the skirt and little jacket on the next picture, both are from sweatshirting knit.

And last top for today uses Urban Threads design again. It was a freebie at that time and exactly what I needed to enhance my new navy blue viscose top with 3/4 sleeves.

And what about you, what do you use the embroidery designs for?

Until next, Happy Embroidering!

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