5×7 Mandalas 1

Well, my plans for 2021 regarding more frequent digitizing apparently did not went well…

But considering the changes I have made in my life, I definitely won’t beat myself upon this. For those of you who are curious: after 30 years of working on various positions in export/import companies, 20 years of which collaterally doing embroidery as my part time job, I have finally left my office job and promoted my personal embroidery business to my main job. That certainly was a huge shift in my career!

Today I would like to present you designs that I worked with for couple of months already but was too busy to upload them to the website. If you remember the very popular Mandalas 1 you might enjoy them for 5×7 hoops too.

I love to use these designs for many project and combining 4×4 and 5×7 versions gives endless possibilities.

What I love the most about these designs is that I can play with colours. There’s no strict chart you have to follow, you can use vivid colors, neutral tones, contrasting or grading shades, depending on the desired look of the finished project.

I hope you are going to like my 5×7 Mandalas 1 as much as I do.

Happy Embroidering, Folks!

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