New year, new website

Welcome to my revamped website. It took longer than I anticipated but it’s finally (mostly) done.

My old site was up since 2001 with almost no changes so a new facelift was already due for a long time. But since my Czech e-shop started to grow quite rapidly in 2009, and I had I baby at the same time and a full time job, it was really difficult to keep up.

I set up a blogging site since I felt the urge to share more of the creative process leading to the development of new design. But it was really difficult to maintain Czech e-shop and blog and embroidery pages in English and I was behind with my blogging post and also technical settlements failed.

So for 2024 I set it up as my priority to find a solution and decided to merge my blog with old salespage.

Not everything is ideal but instead of former design sets page there is a direct connection to my page at OregonPatchworks Inc. which is the platform for selling my designs abroad. Until I will be able to create proper index page with categories and everything, this arrangement will serve well, I hope.

Should you have any questions or experience any technical difficulties, feel free to contact me.

And please, bear with me, if you are a newcomer you might not know that I’m Czech so English is not my native language. I’m sure there are a lot of mistakes in my texts and I won’t feel offended at all if you let me know about mistakes in my texts. It would help me to learn and improve.

I will be looking forward to meeting my old and new customers here.

Love, Jana

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