New collection: Mandalas I.

Finally, this beautiful collection has been uploaded both to my Czech and English website.

These designs have been finished for a long time already. I can’t even tell for HOW LONG!
Coat embellished with these embroideries is almost worn out;- )

And the pillows lost their color by numerous washing.

I started to sell these designs as stand-alone appliques on Czech handcraft server (equivalent of Etsy) and have sold TONS of them.
And still the embroidery set was not published.

As much as I love the process of digitizing, it always takes me ages to finalize the collection. I try to sew more and more samples, make good photos, then I get stuck with some completely different tasks and a month or two fly by like a second.

Anyways, the designs are now available and they are really versatile:

This tee has been sewn with the pattern from z Ottobre 5/2011.

The fabric used for the sleeves were remnants from my skirt that was also sewn with Ottobre pattern:

Sooo, the designs are available here and you can also download a little freebie on that page.

Here are all the designs in their full glory:


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