Mandalas pillow

I’ve been really busy recently and had no time for sewing but I really did miss the relaxing time at my machine so I needed to make some quick project to saturate my desires a little bit.

My favourite project for quick and satisfactory sewing is always a pillow. It takes just a while to  complete it, it’s enjoyable process and the pillow serves a practical purpose when finished.

I wanted to play with my favourite mandala designs and used both small and large version of them. I have previously used them for various projects in turquoise, green and beige tones, so I thought more vivid colours like purple and orange could be fun this time.

Although embroidery machines have pretty large displays now, I still prefer to prepare my embroideries in Embird Editor instead of importing them to machine and arrange on the screen. For me it’s faster, more precise and it gives me better control over the whole designing proces. I can also set the most accurate colors for my project. It’s also easy to sort colors and cumulate them to save some thread changes.

Being able to set the background color gives really good preview of the final look.

And here’s the final result.

If you haven’t seen my blog post with photo instructions about quick way of sewing pillows, I highly recommend it – here it is.

Hope you like my quick and easy project and until next time Happy Embroidering!

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