Be My Valentine

This beautiful collection of love themed designs includes both fill and applique designs. You may follow my suggestion of colors and create cute and fresh looking designs. But you can also try completely different color pallete and embroider designs in vintage style, with sweet romantic or very vivacious look. Variations are endless. Plus embroidering these designs is very quick and you won't need more than 6 colours.

Some designs or their parts have been digitized with the help of cliparts by Sanqunetti Design. Preview source - PST Designs @

All designs fit 4x4 hoop.

95.60x96.20 mm

82.60x45.50 mm

100.00x65.50 mm 99.10x83.80 mm

98.60x59.00 mm

81.20x99.20 mm

51.80x63.10 mm 66.90x67.70 mm

57.70x88.80 mm

81.00x80.50 mm

81.00x54.10 mm 92.00x75.00 mm
Price $15.00

Here are a few quick projects I made with the designs.

Making such cosmetic bag is very quick but much appreciated project. It's a gift that will please everyone.

There was a hole on my daughter's jeans pocket so it has been covered with the applique.

 This simple bag will make a lovely packaging for any hard to be wrapped gift.



One of my customers sent me a pair of simple jeans that her daughter loves to wear. She wanted me to embellish them a little bit. Here's the result.





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