4x4 hoop

Free-standing lace



This design can be used for beautiful birthday cards - scrooll down to see.


Price $5.00

4x4 hoop


Price $5.00

5x7 hoop


Price $8.00



You can buy any design from my collections as a single.

The price of single design is:


$ 5 for 4x4 designs

$ 8 for 5x7 designs


When purchasing the single design, use the buttons for custom digitizing below.

Send me an e-mail where you describe which design you want and what is your format. The easiest way to say which design you mean is to download the picture of the design from my website and e-mail it to me.

Should you have any questions, just drop me note to



Custom Digitizing

The buttons below serve for payments for custom digitizing or special sets. Click on proper amount that we agreed in the e-mail. After you paid, send me a notice so that I can watch out for the payment confirmation.

After I get a confirmation, I shall e-mail the designs to you.

If your format is not listed here, do not care, I will e-mail the designs personally according to what we agreed.

$ 5

Price $5.00

$ 8

Price $8.00

$ 10

Price $10.00

$ 15

Price $15.00

$ 20

Price $20.00

$ 25

Price $25.00


I made this card for my sister-in-law's birthday. If you would like to make something similar just order the design above and e-mail me which number do you want me to be put on it, I will e-mail it separately after I receive your order confirmation.

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