Roses'n'Pearls 1 - 3D

All designs fit 4x4 hoop.

This set gives you many opportunities for use. It includes 26 capital letters with 3-D effect, each letter is about 65 mm (2.55') high. To use the monograms to their maximum, I've added complete 26 small letters, so that you can write the whole names, words etc. Together with the letters you get also 6 beautiful frames, some of them with lace, wing or candlewick effect, some can be used as applique. When I thought of the possibilities how to use the frames I decided to add the capital letters in small size too (height cca 24mm) which enables to put the small monogram letter into the frame. Now the possibilities are endless. You can use the designs on garments, they will be great for baby items, tableclothes, linens, towels and dishclothes, decorative pillows, gift bags, toilet or make-up bags, simply anything. You can make beautiful greeting cards with some of the ovals, adding either monogram or short text created in your embroidery software. Use soft pastel colors, dramatic vivid colors, tone-on-tone or experiment with sober natural colors, designs look great everytime. Every single design fits 4x4 hoop. Designs are available in all embroidery formats.
For the 3-D look I've used ribbon roses and little pearls. The ribbon roses are available in any color and size in your favourite sewing or embroidery shop, some of you even know how to make them by your own. The little pearls are also available without problem, of course you can also use little beads of your favourite colors. For special effect try to use flower button instead of the ribbon rose. Those of you who do ribbon embroidery can create a flower of your choice.
Notice: the 3-D effect disabled to scan embroideries laying flat on the scanner - so the grey shades you see on scanned images is NOT puckering. All designs have been thoroughly tested, they show no puckering and have only minimum jumping stitches.


Close-up of the design on the left to show  the lace fill.

Price $25.00

This set includes 26 letters in small size so that you can assemble the whole words and also 26 capital letters in small size which can be put into floral frames.


Scroll down for some ideas and color combinations and also free design.


  Roses'n'Pearls 2

All designs fit 4x4 hoop.

This updated set is brought by the popular demand. It is for the ones who do not have time or don‘t wish to play with ribbon roses and pearls. You can embroider the whole letter or frame without having to attach the embellishment. The designs look the same as Roses‘n‘Pearls 1 except for the roses and pearls which are now embroidered.

Price $30.00


Don't be afraid to experiment with colors - you can achieve amazing results

The frame

on the left comes

from the Floral Monograms


Click on the picture

on the left

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a freebie.



These notepads I gave as personalized gifts to my friends and relatives. You can use the monograms for greeting cards too.

Make-up bags or cover for glasses - quick projects I did from scraps.