Easter Lace Inserts

This is a special concept of inserting lace designs on your apparel, napkins, linens,

gift projects and many others.

All designs fit 4x4 hoop. Instructions included.

74.30x94.00 mm

71.30x89.30 mm

80.50x98.50 mm

73.20x88.10 mm







These are the realistic stitchouts :

Price $10.00


Simple and decorative napkin used with contrasting tablecloth beneath.

Very quick gift - sachet. It can be used for Easter treats or what about filling it with your favourit potpourri? It will smell through the embroidery all the time.

For this litle tablecloth I edited the design in Embird a little bit and

used only floral parts to make it more easier.

This little rice bag is filled with rice, buckwheat peelings and dried lavender. Heat it in the microwave owen and take it with you to the bed. You will have a great sleep.