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I promised these instructions several months ago already. I apologize everyone for this delay but having two jobs sometimes just doesn't let me fulfil my promises in planned schedule.
The pictures are not the best I've ever made but hopefully they are clear enough for you to
understand the process of making.



I hope I'll be able to explain with my non-perfect English how to make these coasters.


I use old CDs, either the ones that come as
advertisement or CDs spoilt during burning process.

First embroider the design you want to use.  You can use only a scrap of fabric, I worked
with square of 15x15 cm (cca 6x6 in.)

You can work with some of designs you tested on scraps and have no use for them. I used designs from my collections. Design shown here comes from the Violets 2 set.



After you embroider the desired design, remove the stabilizer and glue the CD on the back side. It is enough to use the sticky spray like Sulky KK2000 only as the CD will be sewn into the Ąpocket" so the sticking doesn't have to be permanent. Be careful when you position the CD on the fabric, make
several marks and center the CD properly--any
mistake shows up when you finish the coaster!



Now glue another 15x15 (6x6) square of fabric to the bottom of the CD and you have a sendwich.


Use the foot which has a Ąguide" that will help you to sew as close as possible to the edge of CD. On the picture you see white stitches - naturally I used black thread in fact, this is just to show you the process.


Now you have the CD safely sewn in the pocket. Trim the edges about 5 mm from the stitching line.


I hope you were able to follow my instructions.
Erika Mayr from Austria shared with me her idea: when sitting and drinking in the air on a hot
summer day the bees and other insect will not drink your juice or other beverages if you put the
coaster on the top of the glass!




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