This set of free-standing lace is very versatile. You can combine five lace bases with numbers for both ladies and gents. The set includes all single numbers 0-9 so that you can create any number combination plus pre-combined most often used jubilee numbers for your easy use. The set is mainly intended for making easy birthday cards but the designs can also be used for towels, pillows, linens, candles etc. You can find instructions for making easy cards at the bottom of this page.

But this set has one more utility: you can also use the lace bases in combination with various designs that you already have. Simply put any design (it doesn't have to be free-standing) in the center of the lace base. You can use designs up to size 55x70 mm (cca 2.2x2.8 in.) and create endless variations of free-standing vignettes. Just imagine the versatility!

 All designs fit 4x4 hoop. Instructions included.

94.30x79.00 mm

94.30x79.00 mm

 94.40x79.00 mm

94.30x79.00 mm

 94.40x79.00 mm

All single numbers included

Size of single number is approx. 30x42 mm

Price $25.00


                      Free design

Details of cards


Here you can see how I combined the lace bases with designs from other collections.

You can achieve endless number of combinations and use your favourite designs to get free-standing design.


Dianne Davies made this WONDERFUL card. I like it so much!