5x7 Violets 3

145.70x128.40 mm

139.30x129.40 mm

117.20x179.10 mm

111.80x178.70 mm 162.10x128.40 mm 118.90x161.80 mm
Price $25.00
129.30x179.00 mm Free design


For this pillow I used design

from the 5x7 Violets 3 collection above

and design from 4x4 Violets 1.


5x7 Violets 2

144.70x125.90 mm

178.40x63.20 mm

155.70x129.30 mm

129.50x129.40 mm 118.60x147.90 mm 127.80x127.80 mm
Price $25.00
117.60x175.00 mm Free design

I made this tee and capri pants for my 3,5 years old daughter. I used Burda

and Ottobre magazines for patterns.


Design on the pants comes from Violets 1 collection.




Scroll down to see some more ideas what you can do with the designs.

5x7 Violets 1

179.00x67.70 mm

176.2x117.20 mm

164.80x87.50 mm

167.80x129.30 mm 101.90x174.90 mm 128.60x168.40 mm
Price $25.00
107.40x154.60 mm Free design


Check also the 4x4 Violets!



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